Roche designs fly high at the NEC Interiors Show

"Bigger, bolder and more exciting than ever! Six hundred trade exhibitors gathered together to create an exciting and amazing mix and range of products!" That's what they said and that's what we tried to be an active part of! We at Roche designs certainly had a good 'show' and were very pleased with the turn out and the business opportunities that appeared before us. We had many visitors and we welcomed them all in our usual relaxed easygoing and friendly manner. I think that many people enjoyed visiting our Stand in hall One. Some even went away with a smile on their faces together with some good information and a glossy brochure. We hope that we stated our case well and related our company's plans for the future.

We aim to be known as a quality manufacturer with second to none service and distribution channels. We want to participate in all avenues of bespoke designs and lend our creativity to compliment and participate in the many Interior projects that manifest themselves in 2011 and beyond!

We continue to make high quality traditional and contemporary furniture that can be sold with confidence on the High Street. We always give our full support to our retail partners and are happy to assist with floor sales in any way we can. We are proud of the traditional support that we receive from the really pro-active retail dealers and applaud them for their work in difficult times.

We also showed at the Interiors Show that we can also produce bespoke and 'eye-catching' pieces of a very high quality and style. The new models Sophia, Ambassador and Belgravia were received fantastically well by the high end market. We were most pleased with the high level of interest shown by Interior designers, Contract furnishing companies and the Hotel Industry alike, and are sure that these models will sell well during 2011. The 'flagship' model Chelsea was again lauded as a beautiful sofa.

Praise from our contemporaries, customers, distributors and Design specialists alike, gave us particular satisfaction at the show. We're hoping that all of our best models will be incorporated into future projects across the board.

We were proud to participate at the Interiors Show 2011 and were even more delighted that our furniture was received so well! The market is still challenging for British manufacturing and there will be uncertainties along the way so we must be prepared to work smarter and drive our business forward.

The Global economy is still very uncertain and we at Roche Designs are 'nailing our colours' to the British mast and extolling the virtues of 'Made in England'. We shall endeavour to show that we still are manufacturers of quality! The next few years will not be easy but if we can all work with confidence, take on the new challenges and pursue excellence, I'm sure that we can survive and thrive!

Alex Money - Sales Director