Roche Designs accepted into the Minerva Furniture Guild

Hi, Alex Money here from Roche Designs.

I'm the Sales Director for Roche Designs and together with the M.D. Michael Roche we'd like to say how pleased we are to have been invited into, and accepted by, the Minerva Furniture Guild.

While we are not the biggest producer of luxury leather upholstered furniture we have nevertheless striven to be one of the best and feel that we have achieved that aim. We have not succumbed to the pressure from imported goods by using cheaper components or compromising our quality standards. Our customers tell us that they are very satisfied with the products that we produce. They often compliment us on our furniture which is Hand crafted and 'Made in England'. The invitation to join Minerva serves to recognize and solidify that reputation for quality.

Inclusion into the Minerva Group is indeed a positive step for our company one that we are looking forward to with great enthusiasm for the future. We shall be participating in our first Minerva Show at the Telford Exhibition Centre during October where we look forward to meeting some old and new friends alike.

Minerva Exhibition

International Centre, Telford, Shropshire.

Tuesday 18th Oct & Wednesday 19th Oct 2011